Obsessed with: Paleo eating and killer fashion choices

I’m introducing a new blog series called “Obsessed With” because you all need to know about all the awesomeness I have discovered.  Favorite recipes, fashion finds, my planner, makeup.  I just can’t wait to share with all of you!

So first…my favorite paleo blog. PaleOMG

Photo credit: PaleOMG

Photo credit: PaleOMG

Paleo is like the buzz word of 2014.  And probably 2015 too.   Some people call it caveman eating but it’s not about running around in a loin cloth killing things with a spear.  It’s about eliminating things from our diet that our ancestors never would have eaten.  Sugar, soy, grains, dairy.  The positive side effects range from clearer skin to deeper sleep to better digestion.
We’ve been a paleo house since my first round of Whole30 in September.
Are we 100% compliant. 


But I can tell my body is one angry mofo when I stray from the plan and eat dairy or grains.  That mexican chocolate milkshake I drank in Denver, CO  at Little Man Ice Cream damn near killed me but it was so so good.

Speaking of Denver, while there for those precious few hours, I headed right to Inspyre, one of PaleOMG’s favorite boutiques.  If you’re eating paleo, just enjoy delicious food, or love following a blog where a gorgeous woman curses like a sailor and keeps it totally real, Juli is your gal.   I follow her on instagram too and that’s where I kept seeing one boutique popping up in her hashtag thread again and again.

Thanks to a paleo diet and cross fit, Juli has a killer figure and she’s always wearing the most amazing vegan leather jackets.   I’ve been lusting after the perfect jacket for a while now.   I can’t ever seem to find one that fits my super small bust without being too tight in the arms.   But this trip...I found it!  And to be honest, I feel like a pretty bad ass chick when I wear one.   Totally not my typical Mom fashion.

Photo credit: Inspye boutique

Photo credit: Inspye boutique


So go show Juli some love over on her page.   If you’re like me you’ll get lost in her world of recipes, rants and favorite finds.   2 hours gone.  Oops!!!!! I’d start with her post on Making Paleo Work for You.   But even if you can’t be convinced to embrace this style of eating, at least do yourself a favor and make her Easy Chocolate Almond Butter Cups.

Paleo food and killer fashion

Photo credit: PaleOMG

They’re like grown up Reese’s cups and with one bite, you’ll totally understand why Juli is my woman crush.   Of course, I am sure I won’t fit in that jacket if I keep eating these up like the little morsels of heaven that they are.  Choices choices.




  • Maura - February 11, 2015 - 12:46 PM

    Good for you for starting and sticking with the Paleo diet. I am so good at it for, like, 3 or 4 days at a time. lol!ReplyCancel

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